Love at First Sight

chair copy Before

It is a gratifying experience to know what you like and to eventually find it, but I want to share that for me, it has been an unexpectedly wonderful experience to watch others find their pieces.

This past week I had the pleasure of watching “furniture” love at first sight – aww – and this vicarious thrill has stuck with me.

The accidental buyer came to the shop to browse, daydream, waste time, and wound up greeting me with a credit card in one hand and this rocker in the other. He explained that not only did he find it a great deal – really he did, I’m not self promoting, not right now anyway – He put his find down, settled in and told me that it felt that it was JUST what he had been looking for – and he confided that his search began  long ago when he  passed up a similar rocker in an antique shop back east.


When you feel a connection with something (someone) and pass on it for whatever reason, do you experience wistful moments/months of non-buyer’s remorse? I totally do, absolutely hate it, and am striving to recognize these times, and could someone remind me of my goal the next time?

I’ve never been able to illustrate this feeling until now:

jimenez rocker After

Benjamin Franklin said, “The discontented man finds no easy chair.”

A contented man, however, just might…


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